Corporate Social Responsibility and Reporting in Sports Organizations
Published date : Jun 08, 2021
Publisher : Springer
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Reporting in Sports Organizations 
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Cham, Switzerland : Springer. 2019 
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This book explores the key issues of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and reporting as applied to sports organizations, with particular attention to the Italian environment. It is divided into two parts, the first of which examines the general principles and reporting tools of CSR; these represent the reference point for all types of organization, including sports organizations. The coverage encompasses the evolution of CSR and the latest standards issued by authoritative international public and private institutions. The aim is to provide readers with a sound basis for understanding fully the application of these principles and reporting tools within the world of sport. The second part is devoted to a detailed analysis of the CSR strategies and social reporting initiatives adopted by sports organizations. Although the focus is primarily on Italian sports organizations, due attention is also paid to world benchmarks. In particular, the analysis examines the CSR strategies and reporting initiatives developed by international and Italian sports federations and by two international professional football clubs. The book will be of wide interest to academics, students, and practitioners. 

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