Knowledge, Innovation and Sustainable Development in Organizations : A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective
Published date : Jun 08, 2021
Publisher : Springer
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Knowledge, Innovation and Sustainable Development in Organizations : A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective 
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Cham, Switzerland : Springer. 2019 
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This volume explores the ways in which knowledge and innovation impact business and economic sustainability, offering a wide-ranging and richly illustrated study of knowledge, innovation and sustainability of organizations from a dynamic capabilities perspective. In organizational theory, dynamic capability is defined as an organization's ability to react and adapt adequately and rapidly to external change. In today's global economy, pursuing sustainable strategies and practices is critical to organizational success. Complying with externally and internally imposed sustainability targets might initially appear as a restriction for organizations; however, they can be transformed into a new set of opportunities. This means that the classic ways in which management absorbs the experiences associated with evolving conditions, organizational frameworks and markets must be reconsidered in light of the preservation of the technological, environmental and social ecosystems. Featuring research and case studies from sectors such as NGOs, SMEs, education and agriculture, this book offers students, academics, practitioners and policymakers a multi-faceted understanding of how and why knowledge, innovation and sustainability are intricately linked—and offers insight into best practices that balance organizational and societal needs. 

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